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Business Law refers to the all the laws and regulations that determine how a business can be formed, managed, bought, and operated. Our team of experienced lawyers will provide a holistic approach tailored to your business’ legal needs including Corporation, Finance and Banking, Taxation, Insolvency, Employment, Trade Practices and Consumer Laws.
From the inception of your business, we will advise you on the different types of business structures and their correlating tax obligations, incentives, and pitfalls, as well as how each type of structure will need to be operated. Subsequently, your internal and external business relationships will to be solidified through written and executed contracts that will protect your business from future disputes and problems. To ensure the success of your business, all areas of your enterprise should be governed by the existence of a valid contract. This includes, but is not limited to, your employees, contractors, partners, distributors, retailers, licensing, and suppliers.
In addition to this, we will ensure your business operates in accordance with Fair Trading Laws. We will ensure compliance with Australian Consumer and Competition Laws  as well as Australian codes of conduct and standards. From marketing compliance to insolvency matters, at 360 Legal we provide tailored and commercially astute advice to preserve and protect You and your business.